Let’s Take the Heart Child to the Dentist! In the Snow.


When I think about fun, I think about the dentist. When I really want some excitement, I take the heart child to the dentist. And his brother. At the same time. Because you can never bring enough children under 10 to the dentist. Maybe next time we’ll bring a friend!

Yesterday the boys had their 6-month check-ups at the pediatric dentist. This is always stressful for all the obvious reasons, but, since Corey is a heart child, we get to add in the extra bonus stress of taking antibiotics before the visit. Why does he have to take antibiotics before his routine dental check-up, you ask? Some doctors/dentists feel that there is a great deal of bacteria stirred up during a dental procedure (including cleanings), and therefore it’s a good idea to take precautionary measures for people with compromised hearts. We don’t want the bacteria infecting Corey’s heart.

Corey, thankfully, swallows pills. We hand him his baby aspirin (the only medication he takes daily) after dinner every night, and he just swallows it with his drink. It’s handy when he needs ibuprofen and anything else too. Except the pre-medication for the dentist. This used to come only in liquid form, and he had to take 40 milliliters (8 teaspoons) of that nasty “cherry” flavored gooey foulness. Which he just loved doing, as you can imagine. If you add cherry flavoring to dog poo, do you think it tastes any better? Right. And for any of you that have given your kids liquid medication, you know that 40 mL is a LOT of liquid. Four of those 10 mL syringes. Ack.

So at 7 am twice a year I get to negotiate, cajole, coerce, beg Corey to take all this horrible medication. Once, when he was younger, I just had to hold him down and force him to take it. He cried the whole time and I felt like Conan the Barbarian. I think we’re both still scarred by that incident. But! This time there was finally a pill option. Four shiny little pills – hallelujah! I ask every time for the meds to come in pill form, and every time the pharmacist and the dentist both say “no.” Not this time. They said “yes!” Corey swallowed his four pills like a rock star, and we were ready to go!

Except that it was snowing. Did I mention that it was snowing heavily the morning of the appointment? Heavily enough to close schools? Right. Let’s go to the dentist in the snow!

On second thought, I decided I wasn’t going to do that. Their father was going to do that! I am a full-fledged snow weenie. That’s right – I said it. I do not drive in the snow. If there are 3 flakes outside my window, I’m not driving anything other than a sled. But Damian isn’t. Daddy to the rescue!

Corey took his pills, everybody got bundled up, I handed Damian a steaming hot mug of coffee, and off they went! The roads were bad, but the appointment went well for both boys. In the past, because Corey has weaker teeth due to his CHD, Corey has needed to have some cavities filled. Not this time! It was a clean bill of health for both my boys, and everybody came home safely a couple of hours later.

And then we went sledding……

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