Corey’s 5th Fontanniversary



The heart child hit a huge milestone on 4/21/14. The date marked the 5th anniversary of his last open-heart surgery, the Fontan. Five years since he faced down his CHD as a four-year-old child. It was a big day for our family. Perhaps akin to celebrating five years of being cancer free for a survivor.

Given that it was a date to celebrate, we did just that. We got jumbo crabs, because they’re Corey’s favorite food. I ate four and thought I might explode. He ate three. And three ears of corn. And a giant piece of cake that sported the phrase “Happy 5th Fontanniversary Corey!” in bright red icing (CHD survivor’s color choice – matched fabulously with the sunny yellow & green flowers on the cake). He’s come so far since the days when he would literally eat two bites of hot dog and four green beans for his dinner.

Since that day, he has learned to solve the Rubik’s cube. Both the three by three and the two by two. If you ask him to show you, he’ll offer you the cube and ask you to “mess it up” before he shows off his cube-solving prowess. Go ahead and bet him that he can’t do it, but be prepared to part with your money, because he solves it every time.

The picture above is him showing off his zipper scar. It’s faded to a fine white line with time, but he still wears it proudly. His badge of courage. And he still wins all the “biggest scar” contests. That’s my smart, amazing, awesome, brazen, funny heart child. I can’t imagine life without him.


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