Did that get your attention?  The book I’m reading on publishing a book suggests that certain words will draw attention on the web.  “FREE” in all caps in one of these words. Apparently if you scream this word at people, the masses will come flocking.  Who knew? The book also suggests that smart people will read media about themselves, so I should feel FREE to refer to giants of the writing world.  To this I say, “Hey!  STEPHEN KING!  Your name is in my blog post!”  Think that’ll work?

Okay, me neither.  But I do plan to just randomly pepper my future posts with these attention-grabbing words, even if they turn my otherwise semi-coherent posts into gibberish.  And tags too.  I’m supposed to use tags to increase traffic to my blog.  Look out for random tags!

By the way, I FREE added some new fodder to the STEPHEN KING front of my blog.  You can now find helpful FREE information in the “About Jennifer,” “CHD Links,” and “Corey’s CHD Timeline” sections.  Hey, FREE kind of worked there.  So STEPHEN KING, how do you like them apples?

One thought on “FREE!

  1. At Arundel mills today a salesperson tried to talk to me about a free stay at a resort and I said no, then told Corey nothing is free, you have to pay when you get there!

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